Meet the team.

We are a team of passionate tech visionaries, eager to challenge the impossible.

Founding Team

Joseph Sokol

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Joseph is a serial technology entrepreneur and the chief visionary and founder of With expertise in leading startups from nascent stages to successful exits, Joseph previously founded OlehPay, an international banking platform. He enjoys a multifaceted role at, participating in technical research and development initiatives and strategic company development. As a technical founder, Joseph embodies the spirit of innovation with a deep commitment to making a positive impact in this world through deep tech.

Dr. Aakriti Gupta

Co-founder & Chief Medical Advisor
Aakriti is the Co-founder and Chief Medical Advisor of She is an expert in structural heart disease interventions, having trained from Yale, Columbia and Cedars-Sinai. She is a luminary in the field of cardiology, having authored over 80 scientific publications in leading medical journals including the Lancet, Nature Medicine, JAMA, JACC and Circulation. She previously co-founded Heartbeat Health, Inc, a cardiology telehealth startup that raised a $20M Series B in 2021.

Dr. Roman Sandler

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer
Dr. Sandler is the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Dr. Sandler heads AI research and implementation, data science, and machine learning, and is responsible for clinical and academic institution collaborations, regulatory affairs, clinical research, and grants. Before, Roman Sandler was a founding member of Kernel, a neurotech company that recently raised $53M in 2020. Roman holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and has over a decade of experience being part of and leading ML teams in the biotech and defense space.


Dr. Thomas Biggs

Medical Advisor
Dr. Thomas Biggs serves as a clinical and commercial advisor of Dr. Biggs has been a practicing cardiologist for over 20 years and served as president of the United Heart and Vascular Clinic.

Dr. Joshua Penn

Founding Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Joshua Penn is a co-founder of and the founder and president of the iCardio Corporation, a mobile medical diagnostics platform for cardiovascular imaging.

Dr. David Yakobi

Medical Advisor
Dr. David Yakobi, MD is a board-certified cardiac surgeon with vast expertise in structural heart disease, interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, intensive care, emergency medicine, cardiovascular physiology, and hemodynamics, and acts as a medical consultant to major startup companies in the healthcare industry.

Dr. Benjamin Wessler

Medical Advisor
Benjamin Wessler MD, FACC is a cardiologist and Director of the Heart Valve Center at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Wessler's research focuses on decision making for advanced cardiac procedures, risk prediction for patients with cardiovascular disease, and novel methods for echocardiogram interpretation.

Dr. Gabriel Shaya

Medical Advisor
Dr. Gabriel Shaya is a clinical cardiologist and faculty appointee at WellSpan York Hospital and WellSpan Heart and Vascular Center, a high-volume tertiary care center serving south central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland. Dr. Shaya has academic and clinical expertise in multimodality cardiovascular imaging, structural heart disease, and intraprocedural echocardiography.

Min-Yi Shih

Strategic Advisor
Dr. Min-Yi Shih is a dynamic technologist, business executive, and experienced advisor with a background in cutting-edge technologies. With significant experience as an executive in R&D, defense, medical, and communication equipment industries, Dr. Shih excels in developing strategies for scaling, operations, manufacturing, supply chain management, and technology/product development.

Judith Buckland

Head of Clinical Applications & Ultrasound Annotations
Judith is the founder and president of CardioServ. Judith has committed her career to inspiring excellence in imaging internationally, through education and accreditation, and is responsible for overseeing clinical annotations for's automated ultrasound quantification product line.


Daniel Sokol

VP of Engineering
Aerospace veteran, machine learning, systems. A true engineer at heart.

Aleksander Stojmenski

Chief Engineer
PhD Candidate, Computer Science in Medicine.

Damjan Postolovski

Chief Engineer
Machine learning, data science, full-stack developer.

Markos Muche

Machine Learning
Deep learning expert and researcher. Markos oversees model training at

Jorge Barajas

Ultrasound Lead
As a senior ultrasound technician and echocardiographer, Jorge is a frequent lecturer at the West Coast Ultrasound Institute.

Edwin Korouri

Echo Researcher
Echo researcher and contributor.

Tahir Fazal

Full-stack craftsman and Python virtuoso, sculpting solutions that transcend expectations.

Chee Strub

Cardiac sonographer with passion for impacting patients' lives.

Katherine Raehsler

Cardiac Sonographer with compassion and empathy helping the most vulnerable.

Heidi Goblirsch

Passionate about advancing cardiac imaging for the future of healthcare.

Jackie Aslan

27 years experience as a cardiac sonographer and educator with an extensive background in research.

Melissa Schaffer-Dearman

10 years clinical experience in cardiovascular ultrasound and accreditation with case study review and training experience.

Rachel Miller

13 years experience delivering excellent patient care and student education in the field of cardiac ultrasound.

Fabienne Innocent

Bachelors of Science in Diagnostic Ultrasound from Barry University and over 13 years of adult and pediatric echo experience including structural open-heart surgical cases.


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