Meet the team

We are a team of passionate tech visionaries, eager to challenge the impossible.


Joseph is the founder and CEO of An expert in artificial intelligence, Joseph is the technological visionary behind Joseph led the company through its first financing stage.

Joseph Sokol

Founder & CEO
Dr. Joshua Penn, MD, FACC, is the founder and president of the iCardio Corporation, a mobile medical diagnostics platform for cardiovascular imaging.

Dr. Joshua Penn, MD

Chief Medical Advisor

Dr. Roman Sandler brings 10+ years of industry experience building deep learning systems. Prior to, Dr. Sandler led the AI group at Intellisense Systems, building military-grade AI, and was as a founding member of Kernel, a bioprosthetics company. Dr. Sandler earned his PhD from USC in Biomedical Engineering.

Roman Sandler, PhD

Chief Scientist


Aerospace veteran, machine learning, systems.

Daniel Sokol

Chief Technical Officer
PhD Candidate, Computer Science in Medicine.

Aleksander Stojmenski

Chief Engineer
Machine learning, data science, full-stack developer.

Damjan Postolovski

Chief Engineer


Dr. Wahab is a veteran non-invasive cardiologist and senior echocardiographer. Dr. Wahab heads's clinical annotation research and data collection.

Dr. Azhar Wahab, MD

Head of Clinical
Veteran ultrasound technician and echocardiographer.

Jorge Barajas

Ultrasound Lead
Echo researcher and contributor.

Edwin Korouri

Echo Researcher


Business advisor, operations, and financial strategist.

David Gershov

Business Operations & Financial Strategist
Professor of cardiology at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York.

Dr. Lawrence Baruch

Medical Advisor
Director of the Heart Institute of Hadassah-Hebrew University.

Professor Chaim Lotan

Medical Advisor
Headshot of Professor Chaim Lotan